Setting Latitude and Longitude for the Vantora App

Soon we will be promoting our app, and it will give people the abiliity to get directions to your field. To do that, you need to put in your Latitude and Longitude, and this will show you how..

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Building Dirct Links to Events If you have an upcoming event, you can set a direct link to that event by using the direct link from the admin calendar. Perfect for scenarios, clinics, special events, etc.

Setting up Packages You can build unlimited numbers of packages, each with different pricing, minimums, days, times, equipment usage, etc. This is the first of several package videos.

Adding Packages to the Calendar You can easily add the dates for each package, and you can create templates for a group of packages to add to multiple days with just a few clicks.

Dress Up Your Package Descriptions We've created a sample that you can copy and paste from your admin help screens, that way you can make a nice package quickly. Just grab our default, then change accordingly to fit your package.

Set Latitude and Longitude We are going to be bringing out a Vantora App so your customers can do their waivers, check in, call you, and get directions to your field, all from the app. For the directions, they need your latitude and longitude, and this vid will explain how to input it.

Kiosk Setup Vantora has a Kiosk Mode so you can easily set up a way for your customers to complete their waivers right at your field. This video will walk you through how to set up a computer to work as a kiosk for you.

Basic Setup Here is an over view of what info is in the basic settings, and what format you logo needs to be, along with how to log in and reset passwords.

Waiver Checkin It's easy to check people in on your field, and then you can get data on how many times that person has checked in to your field, and which groups he played with.

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Is this Legal?

Is an electronically signed waiver as legal as a paper waiver? Will this stand up in court?

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