Your Most Important Marketing Asset – Paintball Waivers

The paintball waivers that must be completed and signed by every individual who plays at your field is the single most valuable marketing tool you own. Gio would tell you, "Every waiver is worth more to me than the money I would make on their first visit. The value of the waiver should come back four times. If you make $25 per visit, the waiver is worth $100." Giovanni D’Egidio - From Tippmann's How To Market Your Paintball Field

Maybe you Gather Paintball Waiver Data

Or maybe you just toss the paintball waivers in a box. The frustration of trying to read an 11 year olds hand writing, or a hurried parents rapid scratching with a skipping pen, normally means that the information on a waiver is normally too difficult to bother with. Let's be honest, you keep paintball waivers for liability reasons, but these paintball waivers hold the key to the success of your paintball field.

For most paintball fields, groups, and specifically birthday parties hold the most profit and revenue. Imagine an online paintball waiver software system, where individuals reserve their party, and then invite their friends, who then fill out their paintball waivers online, even signing them on their computer, iPhone or tablet. This data is captured for you, and when the group arrives, you get a list of everyone who filled out a waiver. And anyones waiver can be looked up, accessed, emailed or printed any time you want.

Imagine the Marketing Power with this data!

In Advance or On The Spot

It is great having your paintball waivers pre filled out online. But it's also nice being able to do an electronic one last minute. Let's suppose that a birthday group shows up, but little Jimmie lost his waiver, and his mom and dad are not at the paintball event. His big sister brought him. Your paintball insurance requires a parent or guardian sign the paintball waiver, so a sister, another parent, etc, would not be a viable, legal alternative. But with this online waiver system, we can shoot an instant email to mom or dad, and in their car, at the mall, at work, they can get the email on their phone, sign with their touch screen, and hit submit. You are now legally covered by having the proper signatures.

Watch the Videos

Check out a number of short videos explaining the system.

Is this Legal?

Is an electronically signed waiver as legal as a paper waiver? Will this stand up in court?

Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 6 months, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund every penny!