E-Initations that don't send Ads - except yours!

People use systems like evite, or email these days instead of mailing paper. So why not make it easy for them.

Use your Own Invitations

As soon as somone makes a reservation, for their event, they will be able to instantly send an invitation to all their other guests. And unlike evite, these invitations will not be stuffed with advertising for competitors! In fact you can customize these to have any message or images you want, and the host or hostess can also add a personal message.

And Invitee's can Sign Waivers

When the invitation shows up in someone's email inbox, there will be a link for them to accept or decline, or mark not sure if they will attend. The host or hostess will then be able to keep track of how many people will be attending. It will also give the guest a link to sign the waiver. All this data will tie together in your admin panel, so you will know how many people are invited, how many say they are coming, and how many signed the on line waiver.

Watch the Videos

Check out a number of short videos explaining the system.

Is this Legal?

Is an electronically signed waiver as legal as a paper waiver? Will this stand up in court?

Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 6 months, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund every penny!