Gathering data is one thing, but utilizing it is key. Just the basic reservation system already adds a marketing aspect, as indivuduals get a confirmation email that you can use to include other specials, promotions, or additional marketing incentives. We include a coupon from a local pizza delivery place, which seems to be something the groups appreciate. Maybe discounts for a bakery that does birthday cakes, limo service, etc.

The Waiver Info is Key

The real secret is the waiver. While one person, the host can be reached with your original confirmation, and reminder email, it is grabbing the data off the Waivers that holds the key to your marketing efforts. Capture every birthday for every customer, and imagine what kind of return you would get if you sent each child a free coupon good to play on their birthday.

Or maybe you want to send a 1/2 off coupon for the upcoming Sunday to each person who has not played in over 2 months. No problem. Imagine the power of this instant marketing and how it will drive your bookings and sales to new heights!

Remember to cater to those that play, and those that pay!

Parents Email

Depending on the ages, many times you will find it's the parents email that is on the waiver for the kids, and what better way to help out the over stressed Mom than to give her the perfect idea for her son's birthday party. So when "Little Billie" went to "Jimmie's" Birthday party at your field, he had so much fun. And the other Mom's all talked about what a great experience it was. Now, as if by magic, a coupon good for free play shows up three weeks before Billie's Birthday, with an nice easy link to book a reservation. No one plays paintball alone, so Mom books a group of 10 for her son. Make it easy on the parents. They are the demographic that will spend the most money.

A Self-Contained Marketing System

While some companies want to give you your data in some cryptic formats that you must try to sort and integrate into your systems, we will not only make your data available in easy to use formats, but we will handl all the email chores for you. Just create what email you want to go out for birthday specials, and how far in advance you want it to send, and Bingo! We will automatically send them out every week for you. Nothing to purge, nothing to program, nothing to do. Except watch the new reservations pour in.

Watch the Videos

Check out a number of short videos explaining the system.

Is this Legal?

Is an electronically signed waiver as legal as a paper waiver? Will this stand up in court?

Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 6 months, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund every penny!