About Us

This entire suite of tools was born out of need that was identified in an actual paintball facility. We are not just some programmers that are creating a generic product. It has been invented, tweaked, changed, reinvented, retweaked and fine tuned specifically to run our paintball facility GatSplat


Meet Our Owner

Our founder, Larry Dague, has an extensive and varied business background. An Inventor with several US Patents, Larry has founded and run service companies, manufacturing companies, retail sales businesses, consulting businesses, internet-based sales, real estate investments, and more. Most of which he still does today!

Larry has been a featured speaker in many diversified venues, from Baylor Business College, to an international trade show in Las Vegas, to Internet and retail seminars in the outback of Australia.

Among other articles and accolades, Larry won the prestigious Cisco Systems Growing with Technology Award as the top small-to-medium size business in the country in the sales and marketing category. He has been interviewed and featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Dallas Business Journal, Fortune Small Business, Newsweek, and on the cover of UPS Magazine to name but a few. He was even featured in a full page color spread in Entrepreneur Magazine.




In Advance or On The Spot

It is great having waivers pre filled out. But it's also nice being able to do an electronic one last minute. Let's suppose that a birthday group shows up, but little Jimmie lost his waiver, and his mom and dad are not at the paintball event. His big sister brought him. Your paintball insurance requires a parent or guardian sign the paintball waiver, so a sister, another parent, etc, would not be a viable, legal alternative. But with this on line waiver system, we can shoot an instant email to mom or dad, and in their car, at the mall, at work, they can get the email on their phone, sign with their touch screen, and hit submit. You are now legally covered by having the proper signatures.

Watch the Videos

Check out a number of short videos explaining the system.

Is this Legal?

Is an electronically signed waiver as legal as a paper waiver? Will this stand up in court?

Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 6 months, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund every penny!